Anawangin Cove: Overnight camping in Zambales, Philippines

Anawangin Cove: Overnight camping in Zambales, Philippines

let me talk about my college good friend Mimay. To be honest, it’s strange that I phone call her a “college friend.” Although we shared the exact same batch, exact same college org as well as even exact same classes, we weren’t truly close in college, looking back. She was hectic doing movie theater while I was hectic being emo. It was after graduation that we truly ended up being friends. While I was hectic avoiding going house — I hated my house that time — she was hectic stalking a barista at a cafe just around the block. That was when we started hanging out together as well as got close. A year later, she transferred to California for good. Goodbye, cafe buddy.

But last summer, Mimay chose to find home, to the Philippines, with her American boyfriend. As a “welcome back” treat, we organized to spend a weekend out of town with my other college friends. Initially, they desired Puerto Galera or Batangas, however eventually, all of us agreed that Anawangin Cove in Zambales was the very best option because none of us had been there before.

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Into the Woods, as much as the Peak
Anawangin Cove: view from the Top
Anawangin Cove at Night
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Into the Woods, as much as the Peak

When we shown up at the crescent-shaped paradise, the very first thing we did was pitch our tents. The location was packed! It was a summertime weekend as well as the beach was a bit crowded. There were tents everywhere! We selected a area somewhere deeper in the forest, close sufficient (but not that close) to the restrooms, as well as not extremely close to the beach. We truly delighted in being surrounded by tall trees.

Just keep climbing!
The camp area of Anawangin
After settling down, we chose to walk deeper into the woods. We saw a dried-up riverbed (?) as well as complied with it inland. I don’t understand what we were believing then. We just wished to check out the woods. At one point, we ditched the river as well as discovered ourselves braving the thick bushes as well as climbing all the method as much as the summit of a hill. We did not comply with any type of trail, we just crazily made our own. The view was FANTASTIC.

After enjoying the view for 30 minutes much more or less, all of us agreed it was time to go down as well as delight in the beach. We were likewise growing concerned of Mike, our friend’s American sweetheart as his sunburns were getting worse by the minute.


Anawangin Cove
Of course, the primary course. We waited up until the sun was just about to set when we took a dip! From afar, the water looked gentle however the waves were rather strong at the time. (Or perhaps I was just weak.) however it was fun! The water was remove as well as the sand was off white (I’ll be lying if I tell you it’s Boracay white) however it’s still extremely pretty! The combination of white sand as well as crystal remove water with Agoho trees on the background is what makes this location one-of-a-kind!

We stayed soaked in the Anawangin waters for much more than 2 hours.

Anawangin Cove: view from the Top

After swimming, the group headed to a hill where tourists seem to be drawn to. obviously the hill is a amazing perspective as it provides a magnificent view of the entire cove. We complied with the other tourists as well as made our method to the peak! It was a 15-minute hike, at least.

It was not an simple climb however it was certainly simpler than our unplanned climb that morning. Nonetheless, the view at the top was oh-so-worth it! as well as so, as always, camwhored away!

View from the top!
Watching the boats pass by
My good friend Frances feeling emo
Going downhill was much much more difficult! however it was on our method down when we discovered there was a lake down there.

Anawangin Cove at Night

Although Anawangin is beautiful in the daylight, it likewise fosters a gratifying environment at night albeit difficult at first. The most significant challenge, of course, is the lack of electrical power in the area. Your flashlight will be your bestfriend. note that producing bonfires is prohibited!

At night, when the beach is covered in darkness, we selected to lie on the beach as well as view the stars. because there were no synthetic lights, the stars were much much more visible (and playful) that night. It was a great moment to show as well as think. It was a special chance to just unwind as well as get lost in the charm of the heavens. That night, we shared stories, exchanged tricks as well as delighted in one another’s company. It was a night to remember.

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