Canceled AIRASIA flight due to COVID-19? Here’s how to REBOOK or REFUND!

Canceled AIRASIA flight due to COVID-19? Here’s how to REBOOK or REFUND!

2020 • 3 • 14

AirAsia has canceled all its domestic flights to as well as from Manila (Ninoy Aquino international Airport) scheduled between March 15 as well as April 14, 2020. The relocation is in compliance with the Philippine government’s travel restrictions as well as neighborhood quarantine of Metro Manila to stop the even more spread of COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus Disease).

If you’re one of the passengers whose flight was canceled, you have three options on how to relocation forward:

Move flight. AirAsia provides totally free one-time flight rebooking to a new travel date. note that only the date will modification as well as it has to be within 90 calendar days from the original flight date. The new flight has to be on the same route as well as is subject to seat availability.

ক্রেডিট অ্যাকাউন্ট. You can convert the expense of your ticket to AirAsia huge loyalty credits, which you can use to book one more flight with AirAsia in the future. once converted, you have to book your new flight within 365 calendar days from the date of issuance; otherwise, it expires. The actual travel dates can be after the expiry date, just make sure you book before it expires.

পুরো টাকা ফেরত পাবার. You can request a full refund. The full amount that you paid will be returned to you through the payment method you used to book that flight. If you used a credit rating card, the amount will be credited back to your account. It might take a while to reflect, depending on your bank as well as billing cycle.

All three can be done online!

How to Rebook or get a Refund for canceled Flight


Tap on the floating AVA button on the lower best corner of your screen.

A chat box will appear. AVA will greet you as well as present a menu. select COVID-19.

On the next menu, select AIRASIA PHILIPPINES. A new menu will appear.

Select what you want to do next. Your options are: relocation flight (to reschedule your flight to a new date), credit rating ACCOUNT (to transfer the amount to your huge account), or REFUND (to get a full refund).
– If the REFUND option doesn’t show, select MY flight IS CANCELED. then start the refund process.
– If you select relocation FLIGHT, you will be asked for the details of the new flight you wish to book so be ready with the information. note that it has to be on the same route.

Read the reminders that AVA will share. You’ll be asked if you would like to proceed.

Enter the booking code. It’s the code with 6 letters.

Follow AVA’s next instructions. You may be asked your get in touch with information as well as other details.

If the REFUND option doesn’t show, try these steps instead. If you want a full refund, make sure you select the original type OF payment when asked.

If you coursed your reservation through a travel agency, get in touch with your travel agent for assistance.

Update: Refunds take a lot longer these past several months. Last may 2020, I got an email from AirAsia informing me that the refund ought to take 12-16 weeks from the date I received the message due to the volume of requests they are processing.

How to Refund flight terminal tax or terminal Fee

For refunds due to flight cancellation or rescheduling by AirAsia, the terminal charge or flight terminal tax will be refunded to you together with the fare as well as other charges.

But if your flight wasn’t canceled however you just chose not to use it (no-show), you can likewise request a refund for the terminal charge or flight terminal tax only.

With AirAsia, flight terminal tax refund can only be filed within 6 months after the expected departure date or one year from the booking date. If you stop working to make a request within this period, you will not be able to get a refund.

We have a separate post for it here: how TO get A terminal charge REFUND

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